Get Yourself SeenGet yourself right to the top of search engine rankings today!

Having a website is great, it gives you and your company an online presence. Where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can have effective results in the long term, our advertising is a guaranteed way to get yourself seen today. However it represents ongoing costs, where SEO offers a one off cost. Advertising allows you to focus down a specific consumer group looking for specific products or services, it allows you to tailor your online campagin to maximise your potential customer base.

For example, you sell car tyres. A potential customer searches for "cheap car tyres". if you have your advertising geared to show you under searches for "cheap car tyres", you'll come up on their search results. Eye level with your consumer and more likely to recieve their business. The easier you are to see, the better your chance to sell products and services.

No Long ContractsMonth-by-month contracts allow you to cancel at any time.

We offer month to month agreements, which means you aren't tied into any long term contracts. From month to month it allows us to suggest to you improvements for your campaign, and it also means that you can cancel your advertising at any time and you get all the time that you have paid for. At Swift Digital Media we use Google Adwords recommended software tools to get you on the front page.

  • One keyword or phrase
  • eg, "cheap car tyres"

  • Two keywords or phrases
  • eg, "cheap car tyres"
    "cheap tyres for cars"





  • Three keywords or phrases
  • Price average for customised advertising agreements depends entirely on words chosen for target advertising and on the number of related keyword searches wanted.

Our Goal Is...Make you as visible as possible to maximise the visitors to your site.

It is our aim to maximse your advertising campaigns when you sign up with ourselves. We can provide you with monthly analytic reports for your site, as well as how effective your advertising campaign has been in bringing new customers to you.

There are no long term commitments made, and as such you are able to cancel your services whenever you feel it necessary and we would be happy to help you through the process.

Other ServicesFind out more about what we have to offer.


Web Design

Design and development of your very own personal or corporate site.


Search Engine Optimisation

Improve your rakings on search engines so customers can find you.


Social Media Networking

Communicate effectively with potential and existing customers.


Social Media Marketing

Creating an online presence to learn about new and existing customers.


Professional Blogging

Blogging lets you keep your customers up to date on events.


Branding and Design

Proudly display your corporate identity through consistant appearance.


Print and Signage

Printing business cards, buses, billboards and anything in between.


SME Bundles

The small business starter kit to get your business online.

What people think of us...

quote  "I'd used Swift Digital Media before, so I already knew the level of professionalism and quality of service I was going to get. I was involved in every part of the design process.

I love the brand they've come up with for my company and I look forward to working with them again in the future when I launch a social media campaign for String Theory."

by: Jamie Smith, Cosmoonaut Creations.

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Random Fact

27% of people rarely or never look at more than one page of search engine results.

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